Natalie Rebecca Mandel

July 24, 2006...Did we mention she likes blueberries?

vJuly 23, 2006...Grandpa captures Natalie gazing off into the future, wondering what lies ahead for her (as in, five minutes from now).

July 16, 2006. Natalie's second trip to the pool out back...for all of about 2 minutes this time (a 400% improvement over the first time).

July 2, 2006. Grandpa reads Natalie a bedtime story. It's a toss-up as to which one does more yawning.

July 2, 2006. Left to right: Grandma's knee, Dad, Natalie, Grandpa.

June 26, 2006. Natalie's had bananas, carrots, barley, wheat, rice, oatmeal, blueberries, apples, peaches, pears, yellow squash, butternut squash, peas, Cheerios...the only thing she hasn't liked so far is Soy Yogurt. Smart girl!

June 24, 2006. What little teeth you have...the better to gnaw Mommy and Daddy with.

June 13, 2006. Does this dress make my belly button look fat?

June 9, 2006.

June 2, 2006, with Aunt Audrey.

May 27, 2006...a gorgeous shot composed and shot by Mommy. Eat your heart out, Emma Dodge Hanson!

May 14, 2006...fortunately, Natalie's "Anne Geddes" period only lasted about 20 minutes.

May 5th, 2006...Mom and Natalie'd better see eye-to-eye now, because in 12 years...fuggedaboudit!

April 30, 2006. Dad and Natalie confer. The consensus is that Dad appears to have no neck.

May 4, 2006. Our luminescent glorificus.

May 20th. We wanted to see how she'd look in inversion boots.

April 23rd, 2006. Natalie was hospitalized (for the second time this month) with Cervical Adenitis, first on the right side of her neck and then on the left side. She endured two "waking" procedures, two surgeries, and a half-dozen failed attempts to insert a PICC line. Through it all, she was brave, good-natured, and a major hit among the staff and other patients at Albany Medical Center.

March 9th, Natalie's 6-month birthday. Feed me, Krelbourne, feed me now!


February 12th. Mother and Daughter.


February 22nd. We only include this one to prove that Natalie is not ALWAYS in a great smiley mood. This was her first time in a doorway jumper. Since then, she has come to love it.

February 3rd.

February 5th.

December 18th. Doesn't this Grandma ever cheer up?

December 25th, mid-bath. Usually completely passive during her baths, Natalie offered us this rare smile when we promised her she wouldn't have to wear the duck suit afterwards.

December 11th. Why does this little girl look so guilty?


November 29th. Natalie has just loosened her Giggleastic™ waistband after a hearty meal.

December 11th. Doesn't this kid ever cheer up?

November 13th, modeling a tie-dye passed down from her potential beau-to-be, Jack Rameaka.

Also November 13th, following a well-deserved bath. Another Jack Rameaka original fashion!

November 14th. Natalie is all set to go somewhere in her carseat.

Posing in one of her favorite nighties, Nov. 26th, in her little vibratey thing. Fortunately, we were able to correct the blur.

Daddy steals a kiss from Natalie on October 30th.

Later that day. Natalie smiles to herself puckishly over some private joke.

Grandma and Grandpa get their first look at Natalie on September 12th, at 4 days old.

It's good to see that Mom hasn't lost her sense of humor. October 18th.

Aunt Cindy (not her real name) gets a huge smile out of Natalie, October 5th...three and a half weeks.


This smile was for Mommy. October 20th.

October 17th. Natalie is 5 and a half weeks here.


September 26th...Natalie is 2 and a half weeks old.

We think this picture was taken on September 12th, when Natalie was 4 days old. Poppa (Loring) took the shot. It's one of our favorites.

We think this picture was taken on September 12th, when Natalie was 4 days old. Poppa (Loring) took the shot. It's one of our favorites.

Natalie was just two hours old when Josh took this shot.


Natalie at 40 minutes old, in the delivery room.
Awake, alert, and holding onto Mommy's finger.

Dossier: Natalie Rebecca Mandel was born at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany on September 9th, 2005, at 2:11pm. She was 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and 20.5" tall. Her turn-ons: white noise, vibration, swinging, swaddling, mobiles, ceiling fans, and lights. Turn-offs include: sleeping, onion-tinged milk, anything from a bottle, rude people, and people with conjunctivitis.

reupdated 2/23/2006

Q. Where does the name "Natalie Rebecca" come from?
A. She's still not named after anyone in particular; Laura loves the name Natalie and Josh loves the name Rebecca.

Q. Will you call her "Nat" for short?
A. No. To the extent that these things can be controlled, we may call her "Becky," but we'll have to wait and see what she likes. Still!

Q. How is she doing?
A. Terrific. She's healthy, she's feeding, she's now sleeping through the night (or almost), Well, it seemed that way. Now she's back to waking up every 2-4 hours. She's peeing and pooping...she's doing all things she's supposed to do, including looking very endearing, which is so necessary for a baby's survival. She's rolling over all the time, and loves to stand up. She has learned how to grab onto chest hair (does not apply to Mom), and giggles a lot. She's got some favorite songs, loves to stare at lights and watch TV. Neither of which we let her do.

Q. How is Laura doing?
A. She's fully recovered.

Q. Did you have the water birth you'd planned?
A. Not exactly. Laura did labor in the tub, but she progressed slowly and the midwife punctured the bag. This revealed meconium in the amniotic fluid. This precludes an actual birth in the water.

Q. How long was the labor?
A. Laura started laboring on Thursday, September 8th, at about 11:15am. She started pushing at about 12:45pm the next day, and delivered on Friday, September 9th, at 2:11pm, making for a 27-hour labor with 1 1/2 hours of pushing. All fairly normal for a first-time mother, apparently.

Q. Did you get it on tape?
A. Yes.

Q. Can we see it?
A. Not on your tintype!

Q. Where can we write to Natalie?