Who's a Sketchers?

Kielie (pronounced "Kee-lee") was born in Nebraska on the ides of March, 1998, to some poor puppy mill mom named "Wendy's Peaches and Cream."  Her dad was "Noble Nanook."

Kielie's actual name is "Manchester Super Keloid Scar of the Yukon III."

Miniature American Eskimo Dogs (like Kielie) fall under the "Spitz" umbrella. These dogs have perky ears, curled-up tails, and no brains. That's mean. But she'll never know, of course, because...NO BRAIN! (Everybody say, "Awwwwwww!") Actually, they DO have brains, which they use selectively and intermittently.

Among Kielie's nicknames: Kiels, Kieler, Keloid, KielieBee, KielieBug, Bugs, and Buggers.

Who's a Fluffers?
Kielie had a difficult adolesence. She was incredibly cute, but was only content when she was placed in a mile-high beanbag chair.



Who's a Belly-ers?

A shy creature, Kielie never likes to show off her luscious bod (unless somebody's looking).

Who's a Poseurs?
In December 2000, Kielie won the Parkside Veterinary Clinic award for "Cutest Pet," a for-charity photo op for the Canine Hoi Polloi.

Who's a Standers?
Kielie with her obsessed devoted mother.

Who's a Crossers?
"I find the whole debate on nihilism versus the anarchical paradigm rather banal. Oh, that's right, I don't have a brain.
Me want biscuit."

Who's a Spitzers?
Kielie loves to get wet as long as no soaps or detergents are involved. Her favorite moist media are mud, dead worms, and Mystery Cat Leavings.

Current Reading/Eating Recommendations:
Laura's Med-Surg Nursing textbook (especially corners & binding)
Sunday Paper (good for dirtying nice white fur with newspaper ink)