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Bill Shockley's Home Page

The All-Magic Guide

April Fools!

Stroud's Win95 Apps

Middleburg On-Line

Robert Lindsley's Home Page
(temporary only; his real site is down)

Kitchen Sink Press

Automatic Complaint Mail Generator!

Screen Saver Heaven!

Better Living Through Show Tunes

Cousin Naomi's Home Page

Amazon (the 2,500,000-title online bookstore)

Mail-A-Meal Gourmet Email Postcards

Killer Surf Web Design (primo web designers!)

Zagat (recommended restaurants)

Taylor Mason's Home Page (one of the country's TOP ventriloquists!)

Mouse Rugs (the classiest in the world!)

The Unofficial Freddy Pharkas Fansite

Web Express (great WYSIWYG HTML editing software!)

Project Gutenberg (Free classic books for download!)

Scott Murphy's Scott-land - Tales from one of the World's Greatest Game Designers

Archive McPhee Catalog On-Line (incredible junk store)

The Space Quest Virtual Broomcloset

Everett Kaser Software (superb shareware logic games!)

Why America Online Sucks

Robin Kleeman's Robinlynn's Realm, a touching and visually captivating home page!

Holy Mountain Trading Company (fountains galore!)

Play JEOPARDY or WHEEL OF FORTUNE online for free!

(this link for rent)

TV Guide Online (get all your TV listings instantly!)

Sky Chairs! The World's most comfortable chairs!

Online Food

Charles Fazzino's Art Gallery

Manischewitz Send-a-card

Pez Central

FIZZIES are back!

Infomercial Index (every Infomercial product available!)

The Lewis Farrakhan Name Generator!

Top Secret Recipes Online!

Dave's Products (makers of Dave's Insanity Sauce)

The Captain James T. Kirk Singalong Site!

Copykat Recipes


The Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator!
(exceptionally funny)


Jones Soda
(exceptionally unusual)

TV Party!
A feast of TV trivia, sights, and sounds!