Friends and Family

This page has been Quality Redesigned to be easier to update, especially as people fall out of favor with me and are replaced.

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Now soliciting scanned submissions from any friends and family not heretofore included!


Rae Kallenberg. A class act.


Jim, Marge, and baby Michael ( The Next Generation).

Have you checked out yet?

Robin, aka Peacelily, aka Mrs. Lady, aka the Webmistress (of the famous Babyheads website!)

 Karen McVeigh Boran in a pensive moment...

Karen McVeigh Boran, former comedy partner. Promised to be her best friend in 1976. Still trying.

Andy Nelson, son of Don and Stephanie. Wish he'd CHEER UP!

Andy Nelson, son of Don and Stephanie.
If only he'd CHEER UP!


Abby Large, unfairly talented daughter of Dan and Connie (below).

Stephan Boran, older progeny of Karen and Richard Boran, eXtreme videogame champion of Skokie.

Stephen Boran, Skokie Video Wizard Extraordinaire

Gail Does Her Famous Solo

Gail Trotter, one of the better cheaper acts.

Michael Boran, youngest of the Boran Clan.

Michael Boran, Double-Secret Gaming Buddy

Pistol-Packin' Mama

Kathleen Bober draws a bead on another bad guy.



Trish, my mermaid friend in the Philippines, and her friend Oscar.

Trish and Oscar, mermaid and...merman??

The Larges get serious.

Dan, Connie, and Abby Large being far more serious than usual.


The Shockleys prepare for a wedding. Could it be THEIRS?

Bill, Michele, and Starr, who actually have their own website...saving me from being the only geek on the page.


Barbara Phillips...who no longer requires training wheels.

Yes, he's actually doing that, and yes, she's actually okay with it.

Karen and Josh in their old comedy act, doing one of those sleazy contortionist bits.





Eugene, the International Man of Mystery.

Eugene Burger, magician, tutor, friend.