Tuppy is a Jack Russell Terrier, a breed almost unknown in this country until just a few years ago. She was born on April 6th, 1996, and is a "broken coat" (not smooth).

Tuppy's breed has suddenly become one of the most popular in television and film, being the featured breed on TV's FRAZIER, in the film THE MASK, and in commercials for Nissan, RCA, and dozens of other products.

She loves to play with tennis balls, ropes, and -- this is true -- toilet bowl brushes. Things were tough in San Francisco; she much prefers it here in semi-suburban Colonie, where she can run outside, chase squirrels, bark at the wind, and dig for groundhogs.


The last book she finished was an old John Saul book I was tossing away anyway. She says it was delicious.


The Original Tuppy, my current Tuppy's namesake. A sweeter-tempered Jack Russell has never been born.

Rocky (foreground) and Fredericka, Tuppy's half-brother and half-sister, who live in Illinois.