What's new with Alan: Alan's solution a couple of months ago to an NPR Sunday Edition "Puzzler" was so elegant that Will Shortz, puzzle editor for the New York Times, pronounced Alan's solution SUPERIOR to his own! You can listen to the interview with Alan, and the game they then played with him on the air, here.

But it didn't stop there! In November, Alan created a new puzzle that Shortz selected as the puzzle-of-the-week on the show on November 17th. Listen to the RealAudio broadcast of the puzzle being given here (at the end of the show) and the solution explained here. Or just read 'em here.

Alan's hottest hobby is digital photography. His current online photo essay: Why Giving Gifts to Eliza Is So Much Fun.

He has has recently constructed a website detailing his efforts to get the Framingham Public School System to bus more students (since so many bus seats go empty, while many students are required to WALK to school). The new site may be found here.

Dossier: Alan H. Mandel was born on February 7th, 1956, and married Ellen Block on November 3rd, 1985. Alan's lucky, because Ellen's got the kind of patience one must have when dealing with the kind of mercurial talent Alan has. On the other hand, Ellen's lucky, because Alan...uh...Alan didn't have anything else on his schedule for November 3rd, 1985.

Alan works for Sun Microsystems as a designer of high-end computer systems, and he's also an accomplished musician (piano, recorder, and electronic sax), a skilled electronics handyman, a doting father, a writer of comedy, and a puzzlemeister.

One of Alan's most celebrated non-fiction humor writings is this classic dissertation on "I Dream of Jeannie." It continues to draw rave reviews and unsolicited praise.

Current Recommended Reads:
None. He expects to get reading glasses any day now.

Past Recommended Reads:

Trigger, by Arthur C. Clarke and Michael P. Kube-McDowall
10 Natural Remedies That Can Save Your Life, by James F. Balch.

Alan can be reached via email right here.

Look into my eyes. You are getting browsy. You are getting very, very browsy. You will continue to browse. Exxxxxxcellent.

Alan's resume shot from his days as "Svenalan, the Good-Hearted Hypnotist."

What's really weird is that they stand around like this all day long.

Left to right: Hannah, Ellen, Eliza, Alan. Missing: Cirrus.