What's New With Ellen: Ellen recently changed jobs, liberating herself from the corrupt, penny-wise-and-pound-foolish Framingham public school district, choosing instead to become librarian at an expensive school. As Hannah and Eliza have become a little more self-sufficient, Ellen's projects have expanded to fill the available space (and even some of the unavailable space). She's a member of both a Book Club and an Investment Club. And, of course, camera-shyness continues to limit our ability to present new photos, but here's one:

Dossier: Ellen (nee Block) Mandel is a human of contrasts: pragmatic yet raven-haired, economical yet nurturing...well, okay, maybe these aren't really contrasting characteristics, they're sort of perpendicular. Anyway, she was born in Wantagh, Long Island, on August 16th, 19[DELETED], and she married Alan on November 3rd, 1985.

Professionally, Ellen is not only her district's Coordinating Librarian her school district, she's also got a professional storytelling company. As the principle member of "West of the Moon Storytellers," she draws material from the folklore of cultures here and abroad.

Recent Reading Recommendations:
The Reader by Bernard Schlink and Carol Brown Janeway (translator)
Ethics for the New Millenium by the Dalai Lama

She may be emailed thisaway.


Ellen and some people from the local patisserie.