What's New with Loring: Loring was recently awarded the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award at the 56th Annual Writer's Guild of America awards. There are articles about the award here and here; photographs of the show (which was rebroadcast on the Bravo! channel) appear here and here.

Loring's current main project is a stage version of his Emmy Award-winning film Conspiracy. In his spare time, his current passion is watercolor; his works are regularly featured in local charity art shows.

He's also been busy giving talks at showings of Conspiracy. For that script, Loring won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing of a Drama (his second Emmy) and the Writer's Guild Award for Outstanding Script of Television Drama.
Can't Stop the Music!
Among Conspiracy's other awards: Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama (Kenneth Branagh); Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (Stanley Tucci); Writer's Guild Award for Best Original Television Film; Director's Guild Award for Best Television Movie (Frank Pierson); and the Peabody Award for Outstanding Dramatic Television Film. It was nominated for a total of 10 Emmys.

Dossier: Loring Mandel was born in Chicago on May 5th, 1928. He married Dorothy on July 9th, 1950 and resides in Somers, New York, in front of his monitor. Loring is an amateur baker, composer (he arranged the composition you're hearing now), photographer, poet, lyricist, scribe, handyman, collector, teacher, and raconteur.

He is especially famous for his scriptwriting, however, and has scores of awards and credits to his name, including his first Emmy award for his 1967 CBS Playhouse season premiere, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night." His feature film credits include "The Little Drummer Girl," "Promises in the Dark," and "Countdown," directed by Robert Altman. Loring scripted the Broadway play "Advise and Consent," and, for the Arena Stage in Washington, DC, "Project Immortality."

The majority of his credits are in television, where he wrote prodigiously for Dave Garroway (original host of the Today Show), CBS Playhouse, Studio One, the Seven Lively Arts, Playhouse 90, ABC Movie of the Week, PBS, HBO, the Kaiser Aluminum Hour, and more; he's past President of the Writer's Guild of America.

There was a caribou behind Loring, but Dotty JUST missed it.
Loring in Talkeetna, Alaska in June, 2002. If one wants a set of parents to accompany them on their honeymoon, one could scarcely ask for better traveling companions than Dotty and Loring, who not only happily gave us our "space"  when we wanted it, but who also helped make us the Trivia Terrors of the High Seas.



Thanksgiving, 1999: Loring Brines a Turkey. It's like a party in our mouths...and everybody's coming!!

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Currently reading:
When Hollywood Had a King: The Reign of Lew Wasserman, by Connie Bruck.

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