Fallen Chocolate Cake
A House specialty! An individual deep chocolate cake with a dark molten chocolate interior. Divinely decadent but not really an appetizer or salad by any reasonable definition. So what? is our attitude...$5.95

Bagna Calda
One of Lau-Jos's all-time favorites. Whole garlic cloves simmered in savory oil until they're mild, butter-soft and sweet. Scoop 'em up and spread 'em on our crusty bread. Or yours, if you brought some...$8.12

Lentil Salad a la My Own Two Hands
Our signature dish! Dotty's famous lentil-and-vegetable relish, lightly dressed. Others have tried to duplicate it, but you know what? It just wasn't as good, I'm not sure why...$3.78


Purée Crécy (Cream of Carrot)
One of the single most requested dishes in our history! A bowl of rich carrot soup laced with onion, cream, and curry, served on a bed of smooth porcelain (which we call a "plate")...$5.40

Vietnamese Crab and Asparagus
The last time we took this off the menu, somebody set fire to a bag of dog poop and attached it to a brick and threw it through our living room window! Coincidence? We think not!...$6.25

Georgia Peanut
"Kick it up a nosh" with this slightly spicy, fragrant peanut soup. We know what you're thinking: "Sure, I like peanuts in other, more traditional ways, but as a SOUP?" Just trust us - that's NOT an unusual attitude!...$3.97

Thai Chicken & Cellophane Noodle
A kind of soup. Possibly our top seller. Not sure. We really should try keeping track. ...$3.94


Pepper-Crusted Maple-Glazed Salmon
Our trademark recipe! (Trademarked recipe does not belong to us.) A center-cut salmon filet, marinated in maple and soy and flash-baked under a cracked-pepper crust. Served with our Lemon Dill Rice...$8.33

Baked Macaroni & Cheese
Did we forget to mention in the above description that our Lemon Dill Rice is also justly famous? Just making sure. Anyway, this Macaroni & Cheese dish has just a touch of heat for that extra "hotness."...$6.45

Very Veggie Very Sloppy Joes
A uniquity! Comfort Food meets Textured Vegetable Protein, only different! It's hard to describe!...$7.78

DESSERTS (see also: Appetizers & Salads)

Death By Piña Colada Sorbet
If dessert got any more refreshing than this, it'd be like drinking Freon!...$3.70

Fresh Blueberry Sorbet
Freon, move over!...$14.70

Gooey Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Cake
Three brownie layers divided by peanut butter and ganache. It may kill you, but it's the ONLY way to go...choking to death on a piece of this baby!...$6.66

Bookends Café Caramel Bars
Rich squares of shortbread topped with caramel and chocolate chips, only GOOD!...$4.53

Almond Poppy Seed Ice Cream
A traditional almond-and-poppy seed ice cream, updated for the new millennium with extra almond, poppy seeds, and ice cream! ...$3.12

Knock You Nakeds
Two brownie layers sandwiching caramel and chocolate. Aren't you pissed that you didn't think of doing that yourself? Bwa-ha-ha. ...$4.01

Malted Milk Black & White Pound Cake
Our resident homosexual says, "Simply scrumptious!"...$5.29

Milk Chocolate Crème Brûlée with Orange Buttermilk Sorbet
Our signature trademark favorite! Rich milk chocolate custard cream with a thin caramel crust, accompanied by a light, sweet, tangy orange sorbet. Lau sez, "It's to die for...if you try to take any of mine!"...$7.47