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Freezing Hot

It's freezing hot in the other world
and the pink-clay children play
and the nights are bright in the other world
a refuge from the darkness of the day

the air is wet in the other world
but the sea's as dry as stone
and the fish fly just like the lonely birds
who under the sea do roam

but the frowns are light in that wistful place
and the smiles, grim, spark the tears
for the wisdom is young in the universe
and the old are beyond their years

there's a lone lost child in the bluegrass fields
and he watches the midnight sky
it blinds his eyes with a shining light 
he's so blessed, it makes him cry

he sees the earth distant as the moon
and as cold as blushing fire
he wonders whether the sky cries there
each droplet it's own sapphire

he wonders whether the sun is spun
of gold, or of moonbeams
but sleeping is reality
and he lives a life of dreams


It's chilly in the prickly air
musty forest oxygen
filled with dampness
and soil
and leaf scraps which cling
to boots
after the rain they sit
on the rotting wood of long-fallen tree
the moss clings in scraps 
only now and then touched 
by the streaming light
hikers from a different world
with backpack lunch
and bars of energy

they decide to drink the sun
and leave behind the many layers
of silence
a trail of broken twigs
and the lingering scent
of bug spray

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Text Copyright © 1999 by Hannah Mandel

Background & Image by Jeffrey Zeldman